We are a smaller virtual group of experienced Chemical Process Engineers supporting the resources and hydrocarbon industries. We average over 25 years of experience per member, and whilst we admit we have not seen everything, we have seen plenty. One thing we often see is the repeat of mistakes – usually opportunities lost. You will find us in Australia, the UK and the USA

How we can help you

WeMa142200833046333We have numerous ways of helping you improve your business and your bottom lines, all with proven track records.

Traditional Training and Consulting Services We have developed courses that fill a niche and truly add value.

HAZOP Studies that actually generate a profit.

Design Reviews that save million$, and improve the project schedule.

Process Integration Studies that show how to get process improvements that actually work.

Do you have new staff or a new project, and you team needs some new training?  Learn more about our custom training services.

Looking for viable options for the 2nd or 3rd project gate? We can help you find them.


No job is too large or too small

WeMa142200833627351We realise that when you approach us, we have earned your trust.  We can think of no better way to repay that trust than to treat each and every job with respect and dignity.  Size does not matter – if it is important to you, it is important to us.

And, because we are a smaller organisation, we respond quickly to our clients needs.

It’s all part of our service.  Your organization’s happiness is our pleasure.




Our Consulting Services focus on six areas:

HAZOP Facilitation

Design Reviews

Process Integration

Unique Custom Training

Training Courses

Our services have added value at all stages of projects, from project conception, to commissioning preparation, to ongoing operations support.


WeMa142200835517780Does your university course need some practical examples of chemical engineering problems? Our Learning Modules with embedded audio are the solution. Based on our extensive personal experience, they will give your students (and your university) the industrial edge. For more information regarding our University Training system, please click here.


WeMa142200834725761Was your last team safety meeting dull and boring?  Looking for something different?  Try one of our presentations with embedded audio.  They are intended to get your team thinking about why processes become upset, and how to prevent or better manage them in the first place.  An upset avoided is a potential safety incident avoided.

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