Heat integration John developed this course after doing a heat integration study on a project. The project was going to use 56 MW of steam, but John demonstrated how the project could do the same job with only 42 MW of steam. It looks at networks of heat exchangers (as opposed to individual heat exchangers).

Fundamentals of Process Safety John was asked by a community to assist in helping a facility “improve its process safety performance” after an incident at the facility impacted the local community. He quickly found the facility did not understand process safety, and developed this course.

Produced Water Handling Tristan developed this course after doing some consulting for the oil and gas industry. His consulting saved his client a significant amount of money (both CAPEX and OPEX) and you can gain some of that practical knowledge from this course.

HAZOP for Profit John has been participating in HAZOP studies in some form since 1992. He has noticed that HAZOP studies often are viewed as an undesirable cost and expense. But … in his experience, the studies he has participated in often find savings – resulting in the HAZOP study being an economically good thing to do. He developed this course to share his methods.

Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer John inherited this course from a friend that retired, and John and Ian have worked to improve and enhance it. It has become one of our most popular courses, and almost every participant has said that they will now look at metering very differently.

Natural Gas Processing John was often asked if he could deliver a short version of the “Campbell Gas Course”. And the answer was always – no. The Campbell Gas Course is an intensive, comprehensive 10-day course on treating natural gas, and a shorter version would mean a significant loss of technical merit. But … John saw a need for a short natural gas processing course – for the people that work with the people that take the Campbell Gas Course.

Nitrogen Awareness A client asked John to develop a 1/2 day training course for a project team on the issues of working with nitrogen. The client was executing a project, and the tight schedule meant things would be done quickly. The client was concerned that accidents could happen, and nitrogen was one area identified as a potential issue.

NOTE: Both John and Tristan are also regularly booked with organsiations to deliver training of their own in-house material.