Accredited by the Oil Gas Safety Council (OGSC) of Singapore

Measuring process safety using occupational health and safety methods just does not work. They are similar, but different enough to merit different methods.

About This Course



Pipeline that “Jumped” near an expansion loop.

We have taken our years of experience (in both practical engineering and training) and developed a practical & informative 3-day training course to help you. This course follows the framework of US process safety legislation (29 CFR part 1910), but can easily be adapted to any country. The course uses real examples to illustrate how the issues of process safety can be overlooked, not understood, or mis-applied. The course attempts to introduce what would be required to create cultural change in process safety management.

Metal Packing Fire Inside Column

Successful completion of the assessment ensures receipt of the certificate. As with any John Westover course, this course uses a mix of classroom lecture and participation discussion.

Who Should Attend?

  • Operations personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Contract administrators
  • Engineers involved in operations and maintenance activities / planning
  • Procedure writers / procedure checkers

What you will gain

  • A greater respect for process safety
  • A better understanding of the unique issues associated with risk management of process safety
  • Confidence to do your job safer, therefore better.

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