Why do we process natural gas? Why are there so many variations & options? It’s just GAS? Why is it so difficult to get right?

This 2-day course examines the aspects & issues involved with refining & purifying natural gas to suit customer requirements, with a particular look at the equipment and technology requirements, plant design, operational, & safety considerations

The course is designed for a broad managerial audience with a moderate technical background. It is intended to be interactive and engaging. While some of the issues discussed may be technical in nature, this is not a technical course.

The course is intended to provide the delegate with insight into how to match the required technologies with the market needs, processing needs, and commercial needs of gas processing – ideally before any contractual negotiations begin.

Untitled2The course will increase the understanding of the issues confronted by gas processing, and increase the awareness of potential options available to address the issues. While breaking down the issues into manageable pieces, it does encourage a holistic approach to manage the issues, and balance the contractual, commercial and technical requirements.

As with any John Westover course, this course uses a mix of classroom lecture and participation discussion.

Who Should Attend?

• Those directly involved in supervising gas processing operations

• Managers involved in the development or re-design of new or existing facilities

• Those negotiating contracts for natural gas, LPG and NGL products

• Newly employed engineers and technicians in the gas processing industry

What you will gain

• An understanding of the link between natural gas and the by-products from a production and market perspective.

• The purpose of different technologies, as well and the benefits and problems.

• The impact of various specifications on processing requirements and technology selection

• The impact of changing feedstock on existing technologies

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