Nitrogen. An inert gas. We use it often for a variety of applications because, well, because among other things it is safe.

Really? Is it that safe?

About This Course

We have taken our years of experience (in both practical engineering and training) and developed a practical & informative 3-hour training course to help you.

This course uses a mix of information from the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB); the European Industrial Gas Association (EIGA); industrial gas suppliers and industrial experience to provide a comprehensive grounding in the problems of handling nitrogen. The course begins with a case study of how a simple misuse of nitrogen resulted in fatalities, then a simple group exercise designed to show how opinions of nitrogen vary. The course then examines the toxicological effects of nitrogen, including a discussion of the information from MSDS. Nitrogen labelling, cylinder storage, handling, and transport are also analysed. The group is then encouraged to discuss how nitrogen is used in your facility (we use your facility as a live case study). Finally, general gas handling issues are analysed before concluding the course with an assessment.

Successful completion of the assessment ensures receipt of a certificate.

As with any John Westover course, this course uses a mix of classroom lecture and participation discussion.

Who Should Attend?

• Operations personnel that work with nitrogen

• Maintenance personnel that work with nitrogen

• Contract administrators that supervise contractors that work with nitrogen

• Engineers involved in maintenance activities / planning

• Procedure writers / procedure checkers

What you will gain

• A greater respect for nitrogen

• A better understanding of the unique risks associated with handling nitrogen

• Confidence to do your job safer, therefore better.

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