Water has a variety of uses each use with different contaminants and quality requirements.


About This Course Untitled1We have taken our years of experience (in both practical engineering and training) and developed a practical & informative 3-day training course to help you. This course introduces the fundamentals of understanding water contaminants of produced water. Understanding the contaminants will enable the delegates to select appropriate treatment processes of which will be covered in the course to remove contaminants to achieve the required water quality.


Untitled2 Successful completion of the assessment ensures receipt of the certificate.


As with any John Westover course, this course uses a mix of classroom lecture, practical demonstrations and participation discussion.


Who Should Attend?

• Operations personnel

• Maintenance personnel

• Engineers involved in operations and maintenance activities / planning

• Procedure writers / procedure checkers


What you will gain

• An understanding of water contaminates

• An understanding of water chemistry and interactions

• Introduction of water treatment technologies

• Ability to diagnose water issues

• Confidence to do your job safer, therefore better.


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