WeMa105200811335967Did you know that one of the reasons that ICI developed the HAZOP method was to increase profit?

Look what it has become. The lawyers have destroyed it … or they thought they had.

We are proud of the fact that HAZOPs we facilitate tend to generate profit (the savings found in the HAZOP is greater than the cost of the HAZOP).
Based on these experiences, we have developed a 2-day course to help you increase the profit in your HAZOP studies (and other risk assessments).
The structure is as follows:

  • We review the methods detailed in IEC 61882 (HAZOP Application Guide). IEC 61882 is an internationally recognised benchmark for the execution of HAZOP studies and other risk assessments.
  • We show you how to use this method to capture and add value.
  • The courses use a mix of classroom lecture and hands-on problem solving to reinforce the principles.
  • The courses are intended for practicing chemical, process, instrumentation, mechanical, or environmental engineers, project managers, operations and maintenance representatives, and HAZOP facilitators.

What you will gain

  • A review of IEC61882
  • The ability to capture and manage information in a way to add value (and you determine what is value)
  • Simple screening techniques
  • Methods of managing the flow of information in an efficient and responsible manner

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