WeMa172200825131314We Can Help You With Particular Training That Spans the Vertical Contracting of Your Project


Have you noticed that while your system crosses interfaces, often the training provided does not? If different organisations were involved, this is understandable but does not solve your problem.

Let us help. We start at a very high level (a Process Flow Diagram, and a plot plan) and explain WHY decisions were made, and WHY certain issues are critical. We have found ways to simplify the cause and effect matrix so your team can learn it quicker (resulting in a smoother transition from commissioning to operations). And we can make the training modules for use outside of the training room. If required, they can be used for ongoing operations to train new hires.

For example, one facility decided to separate nitrogen from methane using cryogenic distillation. The facility had not experienced anything below about -20 deg C previously, so we developed some training modules that explained many issues (why these low temperatures required a new, separate cold flare system, why pump seals were not lower pressure than the process fluid, why foaming would cause problems in one system and all downstream systems, the fuel balance during upset conditions, etc). We worked with the system suppliers to ensure the interfaces were successfully covered.

WeMa10520081115812We Have Developed General Purpose Training Courses Unlike Any Other


Many training courses are more interested in the details of a particular method, rather than the results. Ours are different – they give your employees new tools to help add value.

  • Basic and Intermediate Heat Integration While numerous integration courses will demonstrate the mechanics, we have developed a course (with practical examples) that show how to apply the basics and find true value. This two day course starts at the basic level, and builds to applying the techniques to identifying retrofit applications. For a more thorough course description, click here, or contact us for more information.
  • HAZOP for Profit Generation How many times have you been in a risk assessment, or a HAZOP study, and found a good idea? It was probably lost, because of the mechanics of managing HAZOP close out actions. We have developed a two day course that starts with the basics of HAZOP, and builds to show you how to capture value. Click here for a more thorough description of the two-day course, or contact us for more information.

WeMa17220083421178We Can Also Help With Your Young Engineers

The most important part of training is the same as the most important part of any communication … tailoring your message for the listener. Our ongoing work with universities helps us understand the knowledge level of the young engineer, and allows us to create a message that is suitable both in content and delivery.

The young engineer is probably well versed in engineering theory and is a qualified graduate of a reputable engineering university, but lacks practical experience. We understand this problem, and can help accelerate the knowledge base of your young engineers. This means they will require less supervision, and can work productively sooner. Contact us for more details.