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“Besides being the most practical lecturer I have ever met, I can say you are a very kind and funny teacher who genuinely cares about his students.
Initially, when I was in your process control class I was struggling to adjust to your way of teaching, however by the time I did <3rd year process design> and final year design I realised that process control and your methods of teaching us to think was, and will be, very very useful. 
Your knowledge about the industry will definitely stay with me in the future. Thanks for always being available to brainstorm our design issues with; either through email or last year rocking up to your office.
I feel very privileged that I was a Monash Chem Eng student while you were here too. It is a big loss for the future students that they will not be able to gain your practical knowledge and meet your awesome self. 
Thanks again John, take care….”