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“…I have absolutely loved learning from you these past 3 years.

I just wanted to email you and say thank you. Specifically for this moment which really affected me. In the second semester of 2017, I sat in a crowded E3 lecture theatre for Process Design, not sure if Chemical Engineering at Monash was right for me. My friends and I were doing double degrees with science, however we were unsure at the time if chemical engineering was the right engineering for us and I remember sitting in that classroom, looking at alternative options on my phone. And then you walked in, voice booming, unlike any lecturer I had had so far. Instead of putting up equations on the projector and speaking quietly about your research, you spent the lecture explaining what chemical engineering was, what you had done and how process design is about logic and common sense, all whilst cracking jokes and getting people up to the front to demonstrate. I left that lecture with a massive smile on my face, knowing that chemical engineering was exactly what I wanted to do.

Throughout the years, I also had you for Process Control and Sustainable Processing 2. Every semester, I could not wait for your units and loved being part of your lectures. You consistently challenged me, made me think outside the box, whilst ensuring students had fun. You engaged with students, learned their names and gave up your time week-after-week to help them.  You made chemical engineering at Monash an amazing experience and I speak for last year’s cohort here when I say – I could not imagine my time at Uni without your guidance, support and development. You were the face of so much of my education here and without you, the department would be a shadow of itself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.
Feel free to email/call me if you ever want to catch up over a coffee or a BrewLab beer.
Love the dad joke as well <3

Warm Regards Eddie”