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“I just want to say that your units were some of the most fun I’ve had during my chemical engineering degree. You truly did impact my life and the lives of others. When me and my mates talk about uni we always talk about you and your hilarious dad jokes and your ability to make even dull content something fun to consume. You were a great lecturer. 
I understand that the decision was mutual between you and the department, as you said in your email, but it is still deeply saddening. The chemical engineering teaching facility and monash as a whole is losing something of great value this year. I feel sorry for new student who do not get to appreciate your witty banter and great teaching style. 
But all good things sadly have to have an ending. And you were a good thing, a really good thing.
I wish you nothing but the absolute best and I hope that you keep inspiring people in your next venture in the same way you have inspired so many during your time at Monash. 
Never lose the joy you have in work!”