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The Road to Global Accreditation

The short version (where I skip the details and go right to the end) … The IChemE has globally accredited our Heat Integration course!

The long version (where I tell you about the journey) …

I have been delivering industrial training since 2007, and it has been a big growth portion of our work (now more than 50% of our work). Since then we have delivered almost 200 courses.

One of the things I have noticed is how training has become more structured and formal. For example, here in Australia, a person must be certified to deliver training (and I have earned my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment). And … many courses are now linked to career progression. For example, many industry associations recognise some training courses, and allow them to progress. For example, industry associations such as Engineers Australia recognise some training as part of the path of becoming a professional engineer.

Getting a course accredited is therefore something that I should investigate and determine if it is in my best interest. To do this, two things are needed – a course, and an accreditor.

The course I chose was our heat integration course.

The accreditor I chose was the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

And the journey has been long and challenging with numerous twists and turns.

  • Even though I am a member (at the time a Chartered member, since then I have become a Fellow), it was difficult to find the right person to contact. Eventually (months) we found the right person (or so I thought)
  • After a couple of staff issues (people leaving the Institution for various reasons) I found the correct person again, and this time it WAS the correct person.
  • Then the IChemE has different levels of accreditation (which I did not know about). The different levels were global and local. I was accredited locally but I did not understand the distinction.
  • The distinction was not clear after the IChemE marketed the course. Based on feedback it was a technical success but a commercial small win.
  • Eventually the distinction become apparent, and I pursue global accreditation. This requires extra effort on my part – and a small fee.

And a couple of days ago, I was advised by email … The IChemE has globally accredited our Heat Integration course!

So … <insert cheeky comment> we look forward to hearing from all corners of the engineering fraternity who want to learn what you have been meaning to learn about heat integration but haven’t bothered, until NOW <insert blushing smiley face>