WeMa2622008202618340Give Your Students the Industrial Edge with Practical Situation Based Problems

While we have not seen everything, we have an extensive history of solving industrial chemical engineering problems. We have prepared self-contained Learning Modules that explore how we have applied chemical engineering principles and theories to solve these problems.

These Learning Modules are real, situational-based problems which may challenge even the most academic students to explore chemical engineering fundamentals in order to justify practical solutions.

The Learning Modules are of varying difficulty, designed primarily for incorporation into the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of a Chemical Engineering Undergraduate course. Selected and hired individually, the Learning Modules have the flexibility to be incoporated into most course structures; either as take home or sit-in tutorials, once-off demonstrations, or as replacement lectures. Learning Modules are also available as either individual or group tasks.

For a full list of available Learning Modules and links to individual module descriptions.

Format of Learning Modules

Found on this website is a complete list of available Learning Modules with links to individual, detailed description of the modules. Each module description provides a synopsis of the situational problem contained as well as its intended audience and academic knowledge requirement.

The Learning Modules themselves comprise of problem statements and solution presentations in MS PowerPoint© format. These will be directly sent to you upon hiring and agreement of relevent conditions of use.

The problem statement presentations come without audio and may be printed and distributed to students as required. The solution presentations are embedded with extensive audio explainations of the written content, making them an effective and self-sufficient learning tool.

For a full list of available Learning Modules and links to individual module descriptions, please click here.

How To Order and Receive Learning Modules

Once you have decided which Learning Modules best suite the courses you are teaching, you can order them directly online through the contact us page on this website.

All modules are leased, not sold. Universities have the right to use the modules for the duration of the semester / term, at which point the lease expires.

Module leasing fee is based on the number of students registered in the class that will be using the modules. We use a “frequent flyer”-like method for rewarding customer loyalty, where we recognise the amount of your previous business to provide a lifetime discount. Leasing fees are in Australian dollars ($AUD) and are current as of September, 2008.

  • 1-50 … $1.00 / student-module
  • 51-100 … $0.90 / student-module
  • 101-200 … $0.80 / student-module
  • over 200 … $0.70 / student-module
  • and … if you use a module in subsequent years, you will receive a discount of $0.10/student-module for repeat leases.

Example 1 … a university leases one module for 40 students. 40 students x 1 module = 40 student-modules.

  • 1-50 … $1.00 / student-module … 40 student-modules = $40.00

Example 2 … the same university from example 1 leases the same module again for 80 students, and leases another module for 40 students. 80 students x 1 module + 40 students x 1 module = 120 student-modules. The fee calculation begins at the 40-student-modules from the previous year.

  • 1-50 … $1.00 / student-module … 10 student-modules will cost $10.00
  • 51-100 … $0.90 / student-module … 50 student-modules will cost $40.00
  • 101-200 … $0.80 / student-module … 60 student-modules will cost $48.00
  • Semi-Total = $98.00
  • Less repeat module discount … 80 student-modules x $0.10/student-module = $8.00 discount
  • Total = $90.00
  • And for subsequent orders, the calculation for this university will start at 160 student-modules.

After completing your contact details, please list the Module Numbers of the modules you require and any additional comments or queries in the ‘Your Query or Comment’ dialogue box.

Please note also that Module 1: “Pumps in Series or Parallel” is available free of charge. Simply request ‘Module1’ when placing any order through the contact us page on this website.

We will then make personal contact with you prior to sending the required files.

We look forward to receiving your requests and most importantly your feedback on our services. Your feedback allows us to improve and in turn provide you with a more useful and helpful professional resource.