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“I have to start off by saying I’m extremely sad to hear that you will no longer be teaching at Monash from next year. In my opinion, the Chem Eng faculty has lost one of its best teachers. From my personal experience, I can strongly say that you definitely made my learning experience at Monash a more fulfilling one. I was always confident of going into one of your lectures knowing that I would be challenged to think outside the box and come out on the other side having learnt something practical and useful. I will remember my group running up to your office to get your opinion on our baby design project and the discussions we had, as well as your amazing lectures in sustainability 1 (sad that you will not be here to teach sus 2 next semester). In short, you have definitely helped improve all of us as chemical engineers!On that note, I wish you the best for the future and I hope that we can stay in touch….”